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I am a retired scientist, engineer and teacher who now writes Christian fiction as a retirement career.

I spent 32 years working in the paper industry. My work experience included, process engineering, research and development, management, environmental engineering, management and consulting. After that, I taught high school science and math for 8 years before full retirement. Of course I did not work all the time, but have been an athlete, raised a family, gardened, camped, flown an airplane and been on the airport commission of my town. As a result, I have had a life rich in experiences that I use for the basis of my stories.

My wife and I live in rural New Mexico where we are involved in local life including our church, exercise at the gym, running, gardening and beekeeping.

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Stoned for His Faith

by Reynold Conger

An american pastor writes a book teaching Christians how to witness to Muslims. Muslim clerics are outraged and seek to kill him.

When they find the pastor, they start to stone him, but a teen, the coward of the community, saves him.

In the aftermath of the stoning, can the pastor's wife and his congregation forgive the pastor's attackers?

A novel of danger, action, faith, and forgiveness.


Reducing Healthcare Costs (At the Cost of Health   by Reynold Conger

Medicare is over budget, and high cost patients are dying without explanation. The Conway family, a family of medical professionals become detectives to solve the mystery, and in the process have to run for their lives. They hide in the mountains in the winter. 

Will the evidence they have be lost if they die?

A medical thriller with danger and action.


My Knight in Shining Armor

by Reynold Conger

Ten years after college graduation, Bonnie bumps into the man she rejected in college because others were more dashing. He is now a Vietnam veteran with an ear missing. How can any woman fall in love with a man so disfigured.

Even without one ear, George still has his personality and is courageous. Can George win the heart of the love of his life against competition from wealthy competitors?

A post Vietnam era romance written in memory of a friend who did not return from war.


Chased Across Australia 

by Reynold Conger

Americans celebrate their 30th anniversary in Australia. A terrorist group wants to download documents onto a currier's laptop, but the documents are accidently downloaded onto the Americans' laptop.

The terrorists chase the Americans across Australia while attempting to recover the documents that they need for their terrorist attack.

A travel related novel about real places with danger, action and a high speed car chase on a cliff-side road (on the wrong side of road)


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