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I am a retired scientist, engineer and teacher who now writes Christian fiction as a retirement career.

I spent 32 years working in the paper industry. My work experience included, process engineering, research and development, management, environmental engineering, management and consulting. After that, I taught high school science and math for 8 years before full retirement. Of course I did not work all the time, but have been an athlete, raised a family, gardened, camped, flown an airplane and been on the airport commission of my town. As a result, I have had a life rich in experiences that I use for the basis of my stories.

My wife and I live in rural New Mexico where we are involved in local life including our church, exercise at the gym, running, gardening and beekeeping.

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I advertise and sell  my books on this website. I also list a book my mother wrote. Sample the selections of physical books and place an order in the book store. All of my books sold through my book store are autographed.

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As of this time I cannot sell e-books directly to you so I direct you to online sellers of books who carry e-books. Please buy the book you wish from one of these merchants.

e-book copies of all my books can be purchased through on-line booksellers

Short descriptions of my books can be found on the pages books 1, books in the RichardTracy Series etc.

I have added three pages of book reviews. Two of the reviews are of my books the third review is a guest review of a book written by another author from New Mexico.


Bee page

I have added a bee page to the end of my website. This has nothing to do with books but is there simply for your fun and entertainment. I wish to share some of the be pictures I've taken during my career as a beekeeper.


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25 years ago,I worked as a consultant to the paper industry. my territory included North and South America plus eastern Asia.I traveled internationally 3 months each year. To entertain myself, while traveling, I wrote fiction.

Following my retirement from teaching, I began writing as a retirement career.

I hope you have the opportunity to read at least one of my books or novellas.

A fourth novella in The Richard Tracy Series, Biker Mike's Crochet Shop was to have been published this spring, but my stroke has delayed things. I will let you know.

My fifth novel,Illicit Harvest,is now complete and visiting editors. This is another medical thriller about the sale of human organs on the black market.

I will next write a nonfiction book about recovery from a stroke. perhaps my experience will help other stroke victims