The Richard Tracy Series

The Richard Tracy Series


 The Richard Tracy Series Is a series of novellas featuring retired detective Richard Tracy and the love of his life, Mary Beth Auston. She is a retired chef. They only wish out their retirements Peacefully at Richard's house in New Mexico.peacefully at Richard's house in New Mexico, but trouble always finds them.

A Dangerous Bike Ride


  A Dangerous Bike Ride    by Reynold Conger  

  While riding in a charity bike ride, Richard meets Mary Beth. They fall in love,but the bike ride is interrupted by an explosion, and Mary Beth disappears She was last seen in the company of a white-haired man,wearing an old army jacket with sergeant's strips.   Richard must find her and rescue her from a group of mentally disturbed veterans who think they are still in Vietnam. 

Gone Running and Gone


  Gone Running and Gone    by Reynold Conger  

  Richard runs a Marathon. Mary Beth follows his progress on a bike untill he disappears.Now Mary Beth must find her husband,Richard, and rescue him eith the help of several police agencies and a Mexican Federale .  

Dem Bones Shall Rise Again


   Dem Bones Shall Rise Again   by Reynold Conger   

 Theodore, the dog next door,digs up human bones in Richard's yard. Now Richard is a murder suspect. Theodore is smart, but what can a dog do to help Richard? No one else seems able to help. 

Biker Mike's Crochet Shop


  Biker Mike's crochet shop   by Reynold Conger   

 Biker Mike has been released from prison and now runs a crochet shop in Taos, New Mexico. Years ago, Richard arrested Biker Mike, so Richard knows he has the capacity to be very violent. Is Biker Mike reformed or is the crochet shop simply a cover?

To make matters worse, a crime is been committed in Taos and the evidence points toward biker Mike. 

To be released near the end of 2019.

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