Stoned For his Faith


  Stoned for His Faith  by Reynold Conger
  An american pastor writes a book teaching Christians how to witness to Muslims. Muslim clerics are outraged and seek to kill him.
  When they find the pastor, they start to stone him, but a teen, the coward of the community, saves him.
  In the aftermath of the stoning, can the pastor's wife and his congregation forgive the pastor's attackers?
  A novel of danger, action, faith, and forgiveness.
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Reducing medical expenses at the cost of health


  Reducing Healthcare Costs (At the Cost of Health   by Reynold Conger
  Medicare is over budget, and high cost patients are dying without explanation. The Conway family, a family of medical professionals become detectives to solve the mystery, and in the process have to run for their lives. They hide in the mountains in the winter.  
  Will the evidence they have be lost if they die?
  A medical thriller with danger and action.

My knight in shining armor

My Knight in Shining Armor
by Reynold Conger

Ten years after college graduation, Bonnie bumps into

My Knight in Shining Armor  by Reynold Conger  
  Ten years after college graduation, Bonnie bumps into the man she rejected in college because other men were more dashing. He is now a Vietnam veteran with an ear missing. How can any woman fall in love with a man so disfigured?  
  Even without one ear, George still has his personality and is courageous. Can George win the heart of Bonnie, the love of his life, against competition from wealthy competitors? Perhaps he can if she ever learns of his courage and honor.  
  A post Vietnam era romance written in memory of a friend who did not return from war.  

Chased across Australia


  Chased Across Australia   by Reynold Conger  
 Two Americans celebrate their 30th anniversary in Australia. A terrorist group wants to download documents onto a currier's laptop, but the documents are accidently downloaded onto the Americans' laptop.  
  The terrorists chase the Americans across Australia while attempting to recover the documents that they need for their terrorist attack.  
  A travel related novel about real places with danger, action and a high speed car chase on a cliff-side road (on the wrong side of road)  

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TheManuscript of my next novel,ilicit Harvest, Is currently auditioning in front of literary agents and editors. I hope it will not be too long before it comes out.

This is a medical thriller is about black-market organ merchants. They sell human organs to specification. They find it appropriate donor from among them thousands of registered organ donors. Then they murder that person to make his organs available for transplant. To make sure the organ gets to the cash customer, they have a special way of manipulating the priority list.

A brave organ transplant recipient and three doctors leading the effort to identify this shadowy organization. Even the police are not safe. A Police Lt. narrowly escaped death three times in a matter of months because his rare blood type makes him an excellent organ donor. If policemen are not safe, who is?

You forgot, but I still love you Reynold


 You Forgot,But I Still Love You, Reynold 

by Betty Conger 

Having been born during World War II, I bear the same first name as my father. My father, suffered from Alzheimer's disease. This book was written by my late mother about her efforts to care for my father during his dementia. It is full of bittersweet incidents that will make you cry and laugh. It is full of inspiration and advice for future caregivers. Encouragement and advice are given.